Sharing your hard work with the world!

Dai with Condor Poster

Dr. Shizuka enthusiastically spreads the word about Condor Watch and the amazing contributions of our citizen scientists.

This Fall, Condor Watch researchers, Dr. Daizaburo Shizuka (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)  and Dr. Alexandra Rose (University of Colorado, Boulder) presented a poster on Condor Watch to over 900 Ornithologists (i.e. professional bird nerds!) at the joint meeting of the American Ornithologists’ Union, the Cooper Ornithological Society, and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists.

The title of our poster was “CONDOR WATCH: Improving management of one of the world’s most endangered species with Citizen Science.” And it was extremely well-received. Our colleagues were excited to hear about how we’re using volunteers to help us extract valuable data about condor behavior from the thousands of photographs we’ve posted on line. We brought our iPads and showed people how to make classifications of images and some of the neat features of the site, like Talk. The poster featured a little history on the condor and the current threats to the species, as well as some statistics on how much progress we’ve made on analyzing the images, and some preliminary results based on early data from your work. One of the most fun parts of presenting the poster was talking to professors who might use Condor Watch in their Ornithology classes. What better way to teach students about condors–wonderful, charismatic birds that most people will never see outside a zoo.

Click here to see a pdf file of our poster! Condor Poster


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