And the Winners for The Best 2014 Photo Contest are (drum roll please)….

We have the results from our Best of 2014 Condor Watch Photo Contest – thanks to our very own amazingly talented wreness!

We’d like to thank everyone who sent in all their favorite photo entries for the contest! We wish we could have had 4th and 5th and even 9th place winners – as it is we had several Ties! Most of all a huge Thank You Everyone who has taken their time not only to classify these photos for the project but who take the time to call attention to all the amazing and wonderful things found within them. Entire stories unfold with every new photo. Some have made us cry, some laugh, and some go “what?!”

Below are a few of the science team’s favorites, but please go to these links to view all the winners:

Condorwatch talk:

The direct Photobucket page with the Contest album photos is:

Direct link to the contest photo album with all the sheets:


1st place winner most beautiful condor

1st Place Winner Most Beautiful Condor

1st place winner - funniest photo

1st Place Winner – Funniest Photo

featured guest shot - best something else

Featured Guest Best Something Else

Best condor lining up for a golf shot

Best:: Condor Lining up for a Golf Shot

1st place winner - best cooperating condors  clearest tags

1st Place Winner – Best Cooperating Condors – Clearest Tags


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