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  1. Amanda Neal says :

    I have pictures of California Condors in the wild along coast hwy in mid June, 2011. Yellow tag #22 & #51 (best I can make out) eating some road kill in the middle of the hwy. I stopped my vehicle and they allowed me to come pretty close to them before they took flight. If you are interested in the photos send me an email to forward them and I would be happy to share !

    • Vickie Bakker says :

      Great sighting. These were 222, a female hatched in 2000 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and 251, a male hatched in 2001 at the LA Zoo. They are a mated pair, first nesting in 2012. Please don’t approach condors. It can be detrimental for them to become acclimated to close human presence.

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